The Mountain Server - This uses data from the USGS GeoNames database to illustrate summit information onto a Google Maps view. Given that some states have hundreds of kilobytes of data, this may be somewhat slow to load. Great for looking for that perfect place to have a cheeseburger.

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Mountain Server, Canadian Edition - This version uses data from the Canadian Geographic Name Search Service. Elevation data is not available. The same caveats about load time apply.

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The Mountain Server - The Next Generation (Beta) - This is where we test out new features. It's not always guaranteed to work. Uses the same USGS data as above.

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Summit Cheeseburger Maps - Here are a couple of ways to see all the currently completed summits. Data is pulled from the completed summits page every morning.

  • The complete map, hosted here
  • KML file (for Google Earth)
  • Mapplet (Click Here to automatically add it to your "My Maps" page. It's got an issue where not all of the points will display (it's apparently a somewhat known mapplet problem when loading KML files.)