wanna be hosted here?

We are somewhat inactively looking for artists willing to have their music hosted on the site/released as part of our “label”. Basically, we just want to make good (preferably local) music available.

    Things you should consider before signing up or inquiring

  • There will probably be no money resulting from this. This label hasn’t made dime one of revenue yet – unless you count the CD and the 7″ that I traded for copies of a glacial sampler. It’s mostly a netlabel, unless you count the dozen or so copies that might get handmade to give to friends.
  • You should consider the Creative Commons license that you would like to have us host your music under. I realize the current catalog entries don’t have CC tags/logos, etc. yet, but they will soon.

If you are still interested, send an e-mail to glacialcommunications@gmail.com or leave a comment, and we’ll take it under consideration.

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