Not that this site is getting a ton of traffic at the moment, but is there any interest in Podcasting? I’m thinking along the lines of a weekly rarity or something like that, not really a full broadcast with voiceovers and the like. Heck, one interesting thing to do would be to automate Podcasting of the weekly Press The Button from WRUW‘s archive, but that’s a separate project.

There are some technical hurdles though, like the fact the version of WordPress here doesn’t support enclosures (without some hacking).

Comment away…

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2 Responses to Podcasts?

  1. Logickal says:

    I’m interested to hear what your ideas are for doing such a thing… I have a very similar blog to yours and have recently contemplated integrating podcasting. However, I’m also running WP so I’m in the same boat. The biggest question that I’ve had is whether there that much difference in the podcasting model from just periodically posting entries to the blog that contain direct links to new material…

  2. glacial23 says:

    The main difference between just posting a link and a Podcast, is that the RSS feed for a podcast-enabled blog contains an tag called an enclosure. This enclosure tag is what programs like iPodder use to recognize that the content in the enclosure tag is to be downloaded.

    It’s probably only a big deal to real bleeding-edge types right now – not terribly different from just doing a “save as” from any interesting entries in your RSS aggregator of choice.

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