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I’ve finally finished a Quartz Composer composition that I’m comfortable sharing with the world. It’s a rendition of the clavier à lumières, a kind of light organ from 1915. As MIDI notes come in, it renders the QC view in the appropriate color for the note. So if you’ve been wanting to do a version of Scriabin‘s Prometheus: Poem of Fire, this will come in handy…
It’s nothing too fancy, other than the painstaking process I had to use to get something approximating a MIDI note number from QC. I may post about that later. Check it out and download it here, free.

Update: Download link was b0rken. I’ve fixed it, and as a bonus, added a standalone .app version for those who haven’t installed the OS X Developer Tools. Many thanks to SteamSHIFT for pointing out the brokenness.

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2 Responses to Announcing – MIDILights

  1. SteamSHIFT says:

    Interested to take a look but the download link seems to not work …


  2. glacial23 says:

    Ugh, I try to use WordPress’s upload facility, and get egg on my face. I’ve uploaded a slightly improved zip file (now with a standalone application for those without QC), and fixed the link.

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