Updated Audiounit effects

I’ve finally uploaded an improved version of the Shortwave Emulator AudioUnit I put together last month. I think it’s a considerably better likeness of shortwave radio. I switched from a bandpass filter to a resonant lowpass filter. I actually used this version at an impromptu gig shortly after releasing the initial version.

And here’s another new effect – The Glacializer. It’s a rough approximation of Chris Carter’s Gristleizer, as heard on many Throbbing Gristle recordings. It seems that Sonicbirth’s oscillators are rather clicky at the low speeds they’re running at here, so be warned, and try not to run it too loud.

You can grab either of these in AU or Sonicbirth format at the Software page.

Hmmm, looks like KVR is bringing back their Developer Challenge. I’ll have to try to come up with something for it. Anyone have any ideas?

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