strangeness on eBay

I needed a new power cord for my Alpha Juno-1 (since a: the one it came with went missing (at RR?), and b: I’ve been listening to too much ‘ardkore lately). Went to eBay and found one for not too much money, and did a buy it now. Went through payment, etc.

When I just checked my e-mail now (a few hours later), it seems I received a notice from eBay that the listing was removed (by eBay, not the seller) approximately three minutes after the ‘You Won the Item’  notice (and two minutes after the PayPal receipt). It’s a legit message too – I checked it for spoofiness, and it is in my eBay inbox.

Given that I’ve already paid the seller, now WTF happens? That wasn’t refunded, and quite frankly, I’d rather have the cable than a refund. I suppose I’ll at least wait until Monday to see if the seller says anything about it. We’ll see what happens.

Update: I wrote to the seller on Tuesday, and heard back. Everything should be good to go. Should have the cable soon.

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