Things I’m doing, part N

Things that have been going on in the last few weeks:

1. The SN-Voice has progressed a little bit – The front panel is drilled, and I think I’m in possession of all the required parts. Now begins the joyous task of mounting the front panel controls, and then wiring them to the PCB. I technically still need the tempco, but I thought about just mounting header sockets, and using a regular 2k resistor for now – like drift really bothers me… I’ve still got a little time to think this over.

2. Mega Percussive Synthesizer – All remaining parts (except the polystyrene caps) have been ordered. Need to solder them in…

3. Recording process – All of side 2 is edited down. Now to get an appropriate 15 minutes out of side 1, which is currently 23’40”. Still need two song titles, and an album title.

4. Signed up for the RPM Challenge again, so hot on the heels of this thing will be another recording, though probably with fewer rules.

5. Got an iPod touch this week. The eventual plan is to maybe develop for it. We’ll see how that goes…

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