Monthly SDIY update

It’s close enough to the end of the month, so I might as well recap my SDIY (lack of) progress for March.

I’ve unfortunately gotten very little done building-wise. I’ve soldered a handful of parts onto the Supercontroller PCB, and I did actually complete this simple dual LFO/Joystick controller from start to finish.

Most of my hold up has been “being busy with other things” combined with the fact that most of these projects are now stuck in front panel hell. After learning that I can get reasonably cheap aluminum cut to size, I’ve started heading down that path. It’s been an interesting learning experience thus far, but I don’t have much to show for it yet- especially since I didn’t have a drill press until last Thursday. As of yesterday, I now have what should be a Frac-sized drilled blank panel, which I then found out doesn’t fit my enclosure (a telecom rack frame that I scored for free). I guess tonight’s experiment will be to try drilling Euro-sized/spaced holes and see if that works- my measurements seem to indicate it should. I did also widen out the holes on one of the panels the enclosure came with(Yay Unibit!), so that’s at least something I might be able to get working soon, once I find a circuit to fit in it – maybe a little LFO or something.

So, I guess the “No new projects” rule stays in effect for April. Hopefully something gets finished then. I’d really like to say I have a modular synth, even if it’s only one module…

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