Administrivia and News of the Future

Lots of things going on of late. A quick recap:

1. Upgrading the FeedWordpress plugin ate a number of the PTB show descriptions from the last three months or so. I recovered some of them. The rest have the generic description again. Yay upgrades.

2. I’ve set up a Facebook page for whatever it is we do here(are we a label? do we build gear? A little of both and then some?), so if you’re a fan of whatever it is we do here and prefer Facebook to these ‘blog’ things, go become a fan there. I promise it won’t be a constant source of annoyance.

3. Expect some announcements of things happening in the future. For instance, I’ll be performing at Bella Dubby in Lakewood on August 21st, as a duo with my friend C. Randolph C. More details soon. Also be on the lookout for the forthcoming cassette released in conjunction with Everyone Else Has A Record Label, So Why Can’t I?, as well as more fun stuff on the horizon.

4. GoatTracker fans- here is a FAR better port of GoatTracker for Mac OS X than mine ever was. Seriously, it’s awesome. I’ll be going back and adding links to this one in my older posts.

5. A quickie on the DIY front – I’m moving right along on a MIDIbox SID. It’s just going to be a single-SID/basic control surface model, but it is moving right along. Hopefully usable & in an enclosure before August 21st…

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