Restarting DIY Operations

Now that the album is finished, it’s time to get back to doing other stuff. Building gear, in particular.

A summary of things occuring in the near-term:

1) Website changes – I’ve changed the theme (yet again), and installed the BuddyPress plugin, so now everything’s all social and stuff. There will probably be some adjustments here and there as I get stuff the way I want it. Enjoy!

2) Modular Synth, Phase II
Phase II consists of the next 6U(or more?) of Frac modules going into the system. The first steps of this have begun, though I’m sure the hardcore DIY purists may give me grief for it- I’m buying some pre-built modules. I’ve been finding some amazing deals on used Blacet gear. The first of these (a Filthy Filtre) is already installed, replacing the Dual Filter. Coming soon will be an EG-1, mixer, dual VCA, rack enclosure, and a power supply. Step 2 of Phase II started a few nights ago when PAiA announced their new series of 9700 modules. I ordered their dual VCA, mixer, noise source, sample & hold, and two CV source/mixer/attenuators. A future order will probably include the mic preamp and envelope follower. Step 3 is to try to clear out some of my backlog – I’ve got a few things that just need panels, so they’re good candidates for that.
Somewhere in the middle of this, some of my existing modules will be getting some refurbishment (i.e. the “Taming of the Q” operation on the Dual Filter, adding additional inputs to theLPGs, adding a second Real Ring Mod to my existing one.)

3) Other gear
I’ve got loads of things in various states of done-ness, ranging from ‘just needs an enclosure’ (the FV-1 reverb I mostly finished Jan. 31st) to ‘almost finished’ (Arduinome, MIDIbox SID, dual tube mic pre) to ‘haven’t started yet’ (the 1176 compressor clone).

Well, before any serious work begins, I’ve gotta clean up the work room again. I’d better get cracking.

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