Re-re-released – GLAC-2

I realized recently that the next available catalog number was GLAC-20, which seems like a good point for some sort of compilation. One is coming (it’ll be all previously unreleased or currently unavailable archive material, some dating back quite a ways), but in the meantime I’m going to revamp and reissue the current backcatalog, remastering where necessary, and adding additional material where it makes sense.

The first of these reissues is the GLAC-2 “A Glacial Sampler” EP from 2003. Originally issued as an 8 copy sandpaper-sleeved 3″ CD, it was modified and reissued online in 2005. I’ve now added the full versions of Oscillator Drift and Phase Lock, as well as a leftover from the Phase Lock session called Out Of Phase. The album also now available in whatever format you like, instead of the old 128kbps MP3s from before (thanks to Bandcamp!)

You can grab it here or just get it below (provided your browser’s cool with Flash):

<a href="">Picatrix A by glacial23</a>

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