Recent progress

Some projects I’ve been working on of late:

  • Made some progress on the MIDIbox SID – I did some more work on getting the enclosure(an old 2U satellite receiver) ready and figured out the next batch of parts necessary to get it completed.
  • Did a serious revamp on the Arduino Sequencer last night – it now has a power switch, start/stop switch, and two indicator LEDs (built into the start/stop switch). I also attacked the code pretty extensively to account for these new features. It still needs some tweaks, but once they’re done I’ll post the code here.
  • More-or-less finished the Arduinome I’ve been poking at since January (longer if you include parts accumulation- I got the unsped shield & MAX7219 over a year ago). It still needs a little mechanical work- it as yet has no base, and no hole for the USB cable, but it’s pretty much together and usable.

Still plenty of other backlog to clear, and reissues to reissue.

I leave you with a video of the Arduinome in action:

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