Reissues 3 & 4 & more!

It’s been crazy busy of late. Some important highlights:

I finished the reissues of GLAC-7&11 Saturday night. Since 7 was just one track, and 11 was two, I combined them into a single EP with some bonus material from the vault. Here it is:

(full details here)

Since the next release in line (Radioactive Decay, GLAC-9) was much simpler to put together, I managed to get that mostly finished Sunday night, and polished today. Here’s that for your listening pleasure:

(full details here)

Yes, it’s Name Your Price, but I am accepting zero as a price, at least until I run out of free downloads.

Next up will be the GLAC-18 cassette – I still have plenty of cassettes left, so you’ll be able to get the downloads and the physical product! I hope to have that all sorted and together in a week or two – we’ll see how that goes. Following that will be GLAC-19 (maybe with a CDR option? I did a small promo run of 5 in March, so more could be done), and GLAC-20 (a kind of “best of/rare cuts” compilation with a lot of stuff from the vault). There’s even more in the pipeline after these (a x0xb0x acid tracks album, maybe a live compilation, some C10 singles, and if everything goes swimmingly well, some vinyl!)

I also did a “professional” run of contact microphones (cataloged as GLAC-21) for the WCSB Radiothon (specifically for The Mysterious Black Box show) a few weeks back. The batch of ten ran out in less than 45 minutes. Based on those results, I may be making another batch for sale in the future. Stay tuned.

Also, City/Ruins (Cleveland noise scene documentary that I somehow managed to end up in for ten seconds or something) is premiering on Sunday December 5th at Now That’s Class. I’ll be there. Will you?

Lastly, I recorded and submitted a track for an upcoming local compilation. Hopefully you’ll be hearing more about that soon!

I think that covers most everything going on right now.

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