Recent happenings – January 2011 edition

Past shows: January 15th show went really well. You can check that out on SoundCloud. I played at bela dubby again last night (January 26th) – it was a really good noisy set, but I neglected to bring an SD card for the recorder, so no record remains- guess you had to be there.

Upcoming shows: I’ll be playing bela dubby Saturday, February 5th (with Colorforms(again), Thursday Club (for real this time!), Field of Hats, and Highly Funktioning Kult(a must-see, IMO!)), and the 18th (with Narwhals Taste Like Bacon and others TBD)

Upcoming recordings: I’m still trying to compile together “The Messed Of” (the vault-trawling release I’ve mentioned before)- there’s one particular track I want to finally mix down, but the 4-track tape has gone missing. I may try to recreate it from memory, as I have a lot of the gear used to make it (DR-110, ADV-Bass, MG-1, and I’m sure I can mostly fake a Poly-800 with a Juno 1…)

February is just around the corner, so that means it’s RPM Challenge time! In theory, you should expect some sort of release sometime around the 28th. I think I’ve got my personal rules sorted- we’ll see what happens.

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