GLAC-26: Aquacade/Rhyolite

Finally, the first of two planned C10 releases is ready enough that you can pre-order it! Music is recorded and art is 95% done. Now all I have to do is dub them off.

cover art for GLAC-26

GLAC-26: Aquacade/Rhyolite. The cassette, in an edition of ten, has two tracks: Aquacade,  and predictably enough, Rhyolite. The planned release date is 9/10/11, because it seemed like a good idea at the time and I like dates with patterns to them.  The digital download (which is included with purchase of the cassette, and I’ll give you a code if you buy the cassette at a show or whatever) includes both tracks, as well as some rough versions of the tracks, which in Rhyolite’s case is quite different.

As of right now, I’m planning on having a couple of the cassettes available at the A/V/B show on September 11 (likely the only live show I’m playing this month), so a few are being held in reserve for that, and whatever isn’t sold by then will be available then as well.

Maybe the second C10 (already cataloged as GLAC-27) will be ready by October 9th, so it can be 9/10/11 for Europeans and confuse everyone.

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