Mid-September 2011 happenings…

Recording: GLAC-26 is pretty much available in the wild now. Two are purchased, four are more-or-less on hold for folks, and four are still available for the gripping (as well as an unlimited quantity of downloads). It was a long march to get it released in the last couple of weeks, as it turned out a) the tape deck I planned to use had a non-functional input, and b) once I got a replacement deck, the tapes I had planned to use were of an incredibly low quality, and refused to record at a reasonable speed. Luckily I had recently purchased some good-quality C20s, and was able to make this a case of putting both tracks on each side, versus the original one track per side planned.

My earlier estimation of an October 9th release of the next tape (GLAC-27) may be a little premature, as it will now be a full C20 instead of a C10. We’ll see what happens. After that is (likely) a split C30 (GLAC-28), but that’s really early in the planning phases.


Live: Played an incredibly anarchic set at Sunday’s Audio/Visual Baptism show pretty much just using my 4-track as an instrument. I had all sorts of feedback issues and just decided to roll with them at some point. Messy, but fun.

I’ll be playing tomorrow, September 14th at bela dubby in Lakewood, along with Michael James (who did a killer drone set at AVB), and Michael Collins (formerly of Prince Rama, but now living in the Cleveland area) and maybe one more performer. I’ll also be doing various and sundry things at Recycled Rainbow next week- as of right now, the only confirmed happening is some sort of performance in conjunction with Eric Alleman.


BONUS: You use twitter? you want a free exclusive track? Check this out…

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  1. sealion says:

    looking for mxr-185 service notes/schematics, can you help?

  2. glacial23 says:

    @sealion: No, sorry. I don’t have any. What I’ve done with my MXR-185 has been pretty much based on guesswork.

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