October Update #1

OK, my earlier hopes of GLAC-27 coming out any time soon are pretty much dashed. It’ll happen, but the October time frame is pretty much not happening. However, once that’s done, GLAC-25 (an all acid tracks compilation titled ‘Acetic’) should be coming out soon thereafter. It’s about 70% done already, since it’s a collection- just need to make three or four more tracks for it.

There are still a couple of unclaimed Aquacade/Rhyolite cassettes available, so grip ’em while you still have a chance.

Upcoming live stuff:

-October 12th, bela dubby – with Spacedog, Fragments and fluxmonkey, and Moth Cock.

-October 25th, The Happy Dog- with Watchword, Meager Sunlight, and Skeleton Warrior.


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