February plans…

Well, I guess it’s now February, so it’s time for the RPM Challenge(my 5th). My plan isn’t so much to do an album as much as it is to do the second half of a double album. I’m going to finish the x0xb0x double CD (title: Acetic) that’s been in progress for a bit. Disc one is a compilation of various tracks I’ve done since building the x0xb0x, and disc two will be a selection of all-new tracks. The official release date will be March 3rd, but I figure on having tracks (and maybe digital downloads?) completed by the 29th so that I can have some discs burned by the 3rd. CD edition will be in a custom case in an edition of 25 or 30. I may start trickling out tracks for streaming on Bandcamp over the course of the month, so keep your eye out there or on the twitter feed.

Somewhere in the middle of all this recording, I think I’m going to try to submit something for this, and I have three shows planned for this month- February 9th and 24th at bela dubby, and a return to the Grog Shop on the 15th with The Hexadecimals. New material for the double CD will be getting played at these shows.

Going to be busy for the next four weeks!

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  1. Dead Corporate Eyes says:

    way to go, Glacial. I look forward to the shows and the disc!

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