Report of the Ides of March

Acetic has been out for almost two weeks now. In that time:

  • It’s had the biggest traffic surge to my Bandcamp site in the nearly two years it’s been in use. Both in plays and hits to the site.
  • Sales are coming in at a reasonable pace, including my first international sale! Going to have to start assembling the next sub-batch of ten.
  • Response has been largely positive.

I also did a live performance on WCSB last night- it’s likely to see release sometime in the future.

In theory, the next scheduled releases are the two planned split cassettes. I’m still waiting on material/submissions- I guess if I have to I’ll start working on something for one or both of them… There will also be a batch of contact microphones for sale in the next few months as well.

Also, if you want a free Acetic download code, I’ve been occasionally dropping them on Twitter and Facebook, so you might get lucky and find one that works 🙂

Lastly, one of the tracks from the new album is on this compilation. All proceeds go to support Red Cross efforts in tornado-stricken West Liberty, Kentucky. I’ve got family in an adjacent county, so this is kind of important to me. Go check it out.

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