I have a record


As you can see, the 12″ has arrived.

So, you want to acquire a copy? Here are your current options:

  • You can get the digital version via bandcamp
  • You can order the vinyl direct from me (either via bandcamp or email glacialcommunications@gmail.com for direct paypal details and/or local pickup and avoid the middleman if we’ve met before)
  • You can order direct from Savage Quality. Distributors should probably contact Savage Quality rather than me- they have way more copies than I do.
  • You can buy it in person at the release party.   I’ll take cash and credit cards.
  • You can buy it at Bent Crayon right now while it remains in stock. I expect some other stores/distros to have it soon. If you get one from a store and want a download code, send me a picture of your copy or something.
  • Additional stores/distros (that I know of):

Also, you should totally go to the release party on November 15th- I promise it’ll be a good time. IN TRAINING has been a great series of events so far, and it looks like they’re going to get even better.

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