Long time, no write- new material(?!)

After a long hiatus at the label, we’ve got a new release out! Say hello to glacial23’s Clandestine Sessions I, now available on digital download and the lovely MiniDisc format:

It’s a whopping 20 tracks – 71 minutes of material, some dating back to 2009/2010 (I think?)- some dancefloor-oriented stuff, some ambient bits, and a couple of shortwave recordings I got from a WebSDR session several years ago.

Why MiniDisc? Why not? The primary reasons are – 1) I like the format, 2) I bought a fancy MiniDisc deck last year for $20 that can both read MDLP discs (so I can go through my back catalogue of field recordings), and high-speed dub from a CD-R. This got me thinking that I should buy a ten-pack of blank discs and do some kind of release.

This led to figuring out what should go on such an album – Digging into the archives of unreleased stuff yielded some gems from the past, as well as a few recent things that I thought warranted a spot on the album.

Based on the title, will there be a Clandestine Sessions II? – yes, eventually- though it will probably not be on MiniDisc- If I can get things to work correctly, it’ll end up on Microcassette…

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