GLAC-1: [website]
GLAC-2: A glacial sampler [3″CDR (~8 copies), later download]
GLAC-3: Widget – Taste Test EP [CDR w/custom metal case (10(?) copies), later download]
GLAC-4: The glacial holiday download (deleted, files lost.)
GLAC-5: glacial23 – 33 1/3 LP (February 2008) [CDR(1 copy, for RPM challenge submission), download]
GLAC-6: The damn weiner loops (deleted)
GLAC-7: glacial23- memoriam [download]
GLAC-8: widget- gestalt LP [CDR (10? copies), download]
GLAC-9: glacial23- Radioactive Decay (February 2009) [CDR (1 copy for RPM Challenge submission), download]
GLAC-10: Arduino-based MIDI Sequencer [object, 1 copy so far (more in the future?)]
GLAC-11: Lunar Suite EP (July 2009) [live performance, download]
GLAC-12: Joystick/LFO Controller [object, 1 copy]
GLAC-13: glacial23/9 Volt Haunted House – Live on Press The Button August 19, 2009 [live performance, download]
GLAC-14: SN76477 Noisebox [object, 1 copy]
GLAC-15: Craig Chojnicki/Sam Harmon duo 2009 performances (one of these was recorded by someone in the audience, so there may be something downloadable eventually… Ask Ryan of Thursday Club if he’s got the cassette somewhere.) [live performance]
GLAC-16: Arduino Synthesizer Module [object, 1 copy]
GLAC-17: “The Stamp” [object, 1 copy]
GLAC-18: glacial DIY Volume I (also Everyone Else Has a Record Label, So Why Can’t I #18): Signal Intercept (August 2009) [C30 (100 copies), download, CDR]
GLAC-19: glacial DIY Volume II: Groupoids (February 2010) [CDR, download]
GLAC-20: “The Messed Of”(release date: TBA) [Download]
GLAC-21: Contact Microphones(Nov. 2010) [First Edition of ten for WCSB 2010 radiothon. Second Edition of ten for WCSB 2011 radiothon. Further radiothon editions in 2012 and 2013. As of May 2014, generally available ]
GLAC-22: glacial23: Parallax (Feb. 2011) [download, “22/24” CD-R available]
GLAC-24: glacial23: Live at the Grog Shop (May 2011) [download, “22/24” CDR]
GLAC-25: glacial23: Acetic (March 3rd, 2012) [2xCD-R(30 copies–SOLD OUT)/Download]
GLAC-25e: glacial23: Ethanoic: Acetic Remixes (August 8, 2012) [Download]
GLAC-26: glacial23: Aquacade/Rhyolite(September 10, 2011) [C20(10 copies-SOLD OUT), Download]
GLAC-27: Béton Translucide-Chalet Vortex EP (January 13, 2012)[C20(13 copies), Download]
GLAC-28: glacial23/Resting Cell– 9/09 E.P. (September 9, 2012)[C30(25 copies), Download]
GLAC-29: glacial23 – Chute [Download]
GLAC-30: VARIOUS ARTISTS- Four On The Noise Floor(April 7th, 2013)[Pro-CDR(100 copies), Download]
GLAC-31: glacial23 – Dipole (August 26, 2013)[Download]
GLAC-32: Greenlander – Glacial Trax (July 9, 2014)[Download]
GLAC-33: glacial23 – 12″ (November 2014)[12″(also Savage Quality SQ-08), Download w/bonus tracks)]
GLAC-34: TBA – Glacial Trax II(TBA)[Download]
GLAC-35: VARIOUS ARTISTS- New Beat Route 1 (December 1, 2014)[Download]
GLAC-40: glacial23 – Clandestine Sessions I (March/April 2019) [MiniDisc(10 copies), Download]

Glacial Communications Limited Series:

Video Releases
GLCV-1: The Glacial Communications Video Logo
GLCV-2: 9-Volt Haunted House – Live 2007

Non-label appearances

Sorghum(2012)- A compilation featuring ‘The Pop One’ from Acetic. Proceeds go to support Red Cross activities in West Liberty, Kentucky.
Acid Tryoutz(2013)- A compilation on Virtual Urban Records. Exclusive track “Silva Carbonaria”.
SAMPLER001(2014) – a compilation on the 4NPLCY label. Exclusive track “Rotunda”.
Specimen(2014) – a 3.5″ disk compilation on Hungary’s Floppy Kick label. Exclusive track “Lilith”.
Station Identification (MT-02) (2014) – A C30 on Magnitizdat Tapes
Beyond Rainbow Dome(2014) – a compilation on 905 Tapes supporting the Voice Of The Valley Noise Rally. Includes the exclusive track “Nominal Techno”.
Virtual Urban Aphex(2014)- A compilation of Aphex Twin covers/remixes on Virtual Urban Records. Featuring a glacial23 cover of Polygon Window’s “UT1-Dot”.
12″ (SQ008, 2014) – a 12″ record on Savage Quality Recordings, cross-listed as GLAC-33 for digital download/personal copies version.
‘Clowder’ (SQL005, 2015)- A compilation on Sequel Sound featuring the track “Moonbounce”.
Runout (SQL007,2015) – A digital EP on Sequel Sound
SERIOUSLY?? Year One of The Sequel Sound Recording Company‘ (2015)- featuring the track “Feverdream”.
Charon (SQL020, 2016) – EP/CD Maxi Single on Sequel Sound
Lords of the Acid Alliance III – Virtual Urban Records digital compilation featuring “Jumpseat”
Heaven Is In You – Cassette/digital compilation featuring “Jumpseat”
For the Light of the Stars – 2 CD/digital compilation featuring “Digicosm”
‘Seriously? Two Years of Sequel Sound (SQL025)’ (2016) – featuring the track “Outliner”
Ghost Ship Love Letters (2017)- benefit compilation for the Fire Relief, Recovery, and Resiliency Fund established by Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, featuring the track “Outpost”
Seriously? Three Years of Sequel Sound (SQL032?)‘(2018) – featuring the track “Betoken”

Jannick Schou – Fabrik (Experimedia, 2015)- Remixed ‘Kollaps’ for the digital version of the album
Plague Mother – dying, midwestern (Compulsion Rites, 2015) – Remixed ‘No Coast Teenage Deathwish’ for the special edition
Gene Mantua – Is This The Way? (SQL026, Sequel Sound, 2017) – Remixed “Is This The Way?”


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