New Beat Compilation

After a recent New Beat-heavy DJ set at the inaugural IN TRAINING event, I’ve taken an even deeper dive into one of my favorite subgenres of dance music. So much that in the last week or so, the notion of putting out a compilation of modern takes on Belgium’s chief export from 1987-1989 crept into my head.

Yesterday, on social media, I broached the topic, with requisite plausible deniability:
“Anyone want to submit tracks for a faux New Beat compilation? Asking for a friend.”

The response was better than expected. Folks wanted to do it. It’s on.

Here are the rules/specifics:
1) It should sound like Belgian New Beat. Consult this video or this mixtape if you’re not sure what I’m talking about.

2) Deadline? It would be amazing to have this as an online/maybe-limited-CDR companion piece to my impending 12″(more on that soon), but that might be cutting things close- tracks would have to be to me by November 1st. We’ll start with that and go from there if it slips. Maybe there will be a Volume II if submissions keep coming in. Also, the deadline is almost three weeks away- Morton Sherman and Bellucci would have made a dozen tracks in that much time- I think folks can manage one…
UPDATE: Deadline extended to November 8th.

3) Like any good New Beat release, pseudonyms outside of your usual moniker are highly suggested, but not required.

4) Technical details: submissions should be a link to something hosted elsewhere (dropbox, google drive, whatever), and should be in WAV format(44kHz/16 bit is fine, better is better). Aim for a -3 dB peak, so I can do some minor mastering stuff to keep all the tracks consistent. Send submissions to

5) Legalese: You retain all IP rights to your track submissions, and I’m not really intending to make any money from this- it’ll probably be free on Bandcamp and a nominal charge if I do a small run of CDRs.

As you can see, the Fantasy Commandos are already working on their track:


It begins. #NewBeat #Belgium #compilation

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8/08/13 – Some near term projects

As 8/08 is a special day at Glacial Communications, it’s time to talk about the future. So here’s the plan as I see it (subject to change, of course):

New glacial23 album (titled “Dipole”) is completed (except artwork), and coming out very soon, probably just after VOV. There will also be a free companion release (“Limited, Vol. 2”) released simultaneously and available for about a week.

I also hope to announce a limited special something else before the end of the year. Stay tuned.

Between now and then, there are also plans for a compilation appearance, a DJ mix, and several shows in multiple states.

Thanks for all your support, everyone!

January update and free downloads!

We’ve made it to a new year, so it’s time for some updates and a little weekend sale.

All four of our 2012 releases are pay-what-you-want (including $0- that’s right, FREE) for a digital download through Sunday, January 6th at 11:59pm Eastern Time.

In case you’re interested, those are:

New material is coming along pretty well. You can check my Soundcloud page for hints of how they’ll sound.

On the live front, the next show will be a Decay in Response event at the B-Side Liquor Lounge on January 13th. More details can be found here.

Many good things are going to be happening in 2013 – stay tuned…

GLAC-27: Béton Translucide- Chalet/Vortex E.P.

The “synthpop” EP I’ve been hinting about is done. You can check it out on Bandcamp. It’s officially released on Friday, January 13th (in an edition of 13, no less). You can get a copy either at the Stare With Your Ears event on Friday or via Bandcamp once I see how many are left.

As mentioned in the paragraph above, my first show of 2012 is happening Friday at bela dubby. Should get going around 9pm. I’m even hearing a rumour that it’ll be webcast for those out of town or unwilling to leave their homes.

More special projects in the works, but I’ll talk about those later…

December update so far

Fun times this weekend, with the official debut performance of ‘PyroGlacial’ (a collaboration with Pyrosonic) on Saturday, and opening for OS OVNI and DJ sets from Textbeak and FUNERALS on Sunday.

Live-wise, a few performances are still lined up for the rest of this year(Dec. 26th at Pat’s, and Dec. 28th on WCSB-FMpostponed, stay tuned) and a few already next year, but I think I’ll be turning down any additional shows in January and maybe February. If something really interesting comes along I’ll give consideration to any opportunities presented, but I’ve got some projects coming up that are going to take a lot of my time between now and February:

GLAC-27 (the debut EP by Béton Translucide) is very, very close to done. Mixing is something like 75% complete. Tapes by the Dec. 26th show? It’s looking possible.

I’ve gotten a number of inquiries about the split tape series, and if everyone who has contacted me so far submits something, these should be two killer splits(currently assigned catalog numbers GLAC-28&29).

GLAC-30 will be a third split, featuring myself and another artist to be announced soon. My side may well be along these lines.

GLAC-20 and GLAC-25 are making slow progress. On a positive note, I finally found a “lost” 4-track tape that I wanted to mix down for -20, so that’s a positive. The scope of -25 has gotten really big (two full CDs + a limited edition mix + a sort of performance art project/road trip), and may well be a box set if the scope creeps any further ;-).

There’s another project I’m about to start on soon(which is likely the primary focus in the short term), but I don’t want to give too much information on it just yet. It’ll be properly announced when it’s ready.

I’ll leave you with this: Go see the show at Pat’s on December 26th. There will be more synths in there than you can shake a stick at- Inner Spaced (i.e. Telecult Powers+John Elliot of Emeralds/Outer Space), a Fragments/Fluxmonkey collab(!!!), Moth Cock, your humble narrator glacial23, and maybe one more act. UFOs will be seen!