Presenting GLAC-7 (I know, 5 and 6 aren’t out yet…), but I just wanted to get this out there now.


Originally recorded a few years ago, when I almost sold the MG-1, but I never really knew what to do with it. It wasn’t called ‘Memoriam’ until today.

All the sounds were created with my Realistic MG-1 and an Alesis Wedge effects processor.

Holy crap, an update!

ok, so I’ve been a bit busy lately with some wedding thing, and a bunch of other related stuff.

However, while working on the video of a presentation/play that occured here, I whipped up a little “production company” logo for this microlabel which you can find here, or if you’re strictly a hi-def kinda person,here in H.264 video with full quality stereo sound. I’m curious to see how many downloads this gets.

Work on the new album is progressing (basically, I decided two tracks needed something more, and that something more is slowly being added). I think I’ll have some free time this weekend, and might get the last track done.

The weird loop library is pretty much done, I think it just needs to be uploaded.

GLAC-2 reissued online

Effective today, GLAC-2: a glacial sampler, has been reissued online. Feel free to download!

(update (August 22, 2010): This is now the expanded, re-re-relased version with ten tracks rather than seven)

<a href="">Picatrix A by glacial23</a>