New Release- GLAC-29: Chute

Work is progressing on a couple of new projects, but here are a few new tracks to check out- a couple of danceable pieces and one for the noise-heads.

You can download the release at our bandcamp page. It’s free for at least this weekend (just enter $0 for the price), so get it soon!

Also, for those in Northeast Ohio, I’ll be playing on Saturday, January 26th at Wilbert’s in downtown Cleveland. Information about that event can be found here.

December News, Part II

In addition to everything in the previous post-
  • I’ll be opening for my good friends Missile Command at the Symposium on December 22nd. Eprom Colony from Detroit will be on the bill as well.
  • Advance notice: I’m curating the monthly Noise Lunch on April 7th, 2013. The theme is “Noisy Techno”, or whatever the kids are calling it these days (Technoise?, Post-Techno?) Response to an informal call for participants has been amazing- I might have to do this as a multi-part event or something…
  • Recording is continuing- it looks like whatever it is  may become two separate releases. When they’re done, they’re done- it may take a few months. You can probably get some sneak previews at the two upcoming shows.

December News

  • There is a new recording in progress. It’s maybe 20% done right now. I’m hoping to have it done by the end of the year. The most recent uploads to my SoundCloud account are probably a good indicator of direction.
  • Live-wise, I’ll be DJing on December 8th at Duck Island. This is a pre-party for the next Decay in Response event, which this time will be December 14th at the Phantasy Night Club– I’m kind of stoked about that, since the Phantasy was the first major venue I saw a show at in Cleveland.
  • I’ve finally got a batch of contact mics ready for sale. They’ll be available on bandcamp soon, but I think the first opportunity to get one in person will be at the Dec. 2nd  METAL ABUSE event at Now That’s Class.

New Release: glacial23/Resting Cell 9/09 E.P.

Managed to release a new EP on 9/09, simply named for the release date. This is a split release between myself and Cleveland’s Resting Cell. It’s available as a digital download and as a C30 in an edition of 25 copies. Get them while you can – it’s already down to about 15 left in stock…

Next show will be Sunday, September 16th, around 2pm at Ingenuity Fest(!!!). I’ll be in the RCN Wandering Cave space. Provided it hasn’t sold out, I should have copies of the tape available there.

Ethanoic: Acetic Remixes

A new EP is available to download. Totally free. It’s a collection with some post-Acetic output and some remixes.

Check it:

What’s coming next? This Friday I’m playing in Erie Pennsylvania, and eventually there will be some more recorded output. Going to shoot for an EP on 9/09. We’ll see how that goes…