Snow Crash

This past weekend, I performed at the Snow Crash event in Lafayette, Indiana. A most pleasant time. I did a 94 minute continuous set, which puts it in second in terms of length, behind my two hour MOCA set last March.

I did manage to remember to bring a recording device and get an MP3 of my set direct from my mixer. For the time being, you can grab it from here.

I think I’ll be taking a short break from lengthy performances, as I’m working on some more new tracks, and trying to wrap my head around using an Akai MPC1000 as my live sequencer in place of the Roland MC808 I’ve been using since 2011. I think the next “large-scale” outing will be the 4NPLCY CLUBNACHT on March 1st. There will also be a short performance at the Radio-themed Noise Lunch at Now That’s Class on February 2nd.

Boo Radley 2008-2014

Last week, we suffered the loss of our assistant engineer/studio cat, Boo Radley.

While recording for the next couple of releases, Boo had a habit of sleeping on my sequencer, and sometimes hitting buttons or knocking faders around in the process. Once in a while, he’d hit play. I managed to record about a minute of his work:

This (as well as the full length mix of the track) will be showing up on a split C30 with Acid Owl later this year.

2013 by the numbers + a bonus

2013 is coming to an end in a couple of weeks, so I thought I’d share some data about the year so far:

  • Total shows:32
  • Live sets: 26
  • DJ sets: 5
  • Curated: 3
  • Collaborations: 3
  • Live sets on radio: 1
  • Shows outside of Cuyahoga County: 8
  • States played in: 3 (OH, PA, WV)
  • New Releases (on GC): 5- 3 official, 2 “limited”.
  • Tracks on other labels: 1
  • Mixes for others: 2

2014 seems to hold great promise, with a number of new releases planned:

  • A cassette on a yet-to-be-announced label
  • A split C30 with Acid Owl
  • A 12″ on Savage Quality Recordings

The first live appearance next year will be at a party called “Snow Crash” in Lafayette Indiana on January 18th. Details here.

And one last surprise, until January 1st, all downloads on the Bandcamp site are pay-what-you-want with no minimum. Enjoy!


We’re finally ready to release the new full-length glacial23 album, Dipole. Ten tracks of techno and electronics that have been in the works since late 2012.

Check it:

Also, here are some upcoming appearances in the Cleveland area:

  • August 28th- I’ll be playing at The Foundry as a duo with Craig Chojnicki (of 9 Volt Haunted House) on a bill with Greg Rasp, Ensemble Economique (from LA), BCBG, and Opale (both from Paris)- more details available here
  • September 16th – We will be having a Glacial Communications night at the Duck Island Club! I’ll be DJing along with my special guest Android (from the band Missile Command), and there will be a live performance from Greg Rasp. Drink and merch specials abound!
  • November 3rd- The next installment of the Noisy Techno Noise Lunch will be happening at Now That’s Class. More details will be posted soon.