I’ve been known to make software. The most recent additions/versions are at the top.

Imaginary Reality AU

An AudioUnit that does some fun things with Fast Fourier Transforms.

Download the AudioUnit here.

Shortwave Emulator AU
An AudioUnit I made to give an approximation of listening to a shortwave radio. Provides static, filtering, and carrier noises. Current version: 0.8.

Errata: Make sure “Modulation” is set to a non-zero value. This will be fixed in the next version.

Download the AudioUnit here.

The Factory Color Encoder – Generates SVG formatted color codes similar to the sleeve of Blue Monday.

MapHacks – Some web-based Google Maps mash-ups.

Glacializer AU
A crude and somewhat inaccurate version of Chris Carter’s Gristleizer.
WARNING: This effect is very noisy and extreme. If played loud enough, could damage equipment. You probably should not use it. You have been warned.

Download the AudioUnit here.

This is a Quartz Composer take on the clavier à lumières, a kind of light organ. It works by taking MIDI notes and displaying them as the colors explained in the article. It’s essentially monophonic, and the highest note in any playing octave (C-B) will take precedence. The MIDI velocity will affect the alpha channel.
Download it here:

MIDILights 1.1
There is a brief bit of documentation included in the ZIP file, as you may need to modify the .qtz file to work with your MIDI setup. There’s also an additional composition that may be useful for others, that pulls a one-octave monophonic note number from a note played.

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