Arduino Sequencer 1.6, with pseudo-analog goodness.

Made a somewhat big change last night. We’ll call it 1.6, since 1.0 was the “Notacon Edition”, and 1.5 was the stable version of that which was finished a few weeks ago.

New Features:

  • Note “0” is now a rest.
  • “CV” (ok, PWM masquerading as 0-5V CV) and Gate outputs. S-Trigger (for my MG-1) coming soon.
  • Added 9V battery clip, so it can run on batteries. Yay! Should add a real power switch for that, though.

Construction – I need to update the schematic to reflect reality, but the original “plan” schematic is here.

Differences between that schematic and reality:

  • The A,B, and C inputs on the CD4051 connect to pins 6,7 and 8 on the Arduino
  • Arduino pin 9 goes to the tip of a 1/4″ jack (CV)
  • Arduino pin 5 goes to the tip of a 1/4″ jack (Gate)
  • For S-Trig, follow the “V-Trig to S-Trig” instructions here. I’ll be adding an additional jack for this, probably tonight. (hey, then I can have a duet of MG-1 and my soon-to-be-finished Sound Lab)
  • None of the LED/Start/Stop/Clock stuff is implemented yet. The more of that which gets done, the closer we are to being “2.0”. Stay tuned.

Source Code:

I’ll have to whip up a demonstration video or something like that. I tried it with my somewhat wonky MG-1 last night (yeah, even though it triggers weird with gate rather than S-Trig, it still mostly worked) – it was like instant Jack Dangers.

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4 Responses to Arduino Sequencer 1.6, with pseudo-analog goodness.

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  2. andy t says:

    hi, the link to the sequencer_1.pde source code is not working, can you possibly email me the source, I am wanting to build my own sequencer/synthesizer please.
    thanks a lot!
    andy t

  3. glacial23 says:

    @andy: I went ahead and fixed the link. Try it again.

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