I have a record


As you can see, the 12″ has arrived.

So, you want to acquire a copy? Here are your current options:

  • You can get the digital version via bandcamp
  • You can order the vinyl direct from me (either via bandcamp or email glacialcommunications@gmail.com for direct paypal details and/or local pickup and avoid the middleman if we’ve met before)
  • You can order direct from Savage Quality. Distributors should probably contact Savage Quality rather than me- they have way more copies than I do.
  • You can buy it in person at the release party.   I’ll take cash and credit cards.
  • You can buy it at Bent Crayon right now while it remains in stock. I expect some other stores/distros to have it soon. If you get one from a store and want a download code, send me a picture of your copy or something.
  • Additional stores/distros (that I know of):

Also, you should totally go to the release party on November 15th- I promise it’ll be a good time. IN TRAINING has been a great series of events so far, and it looks like they’re going to get even better.


I am now in possession of some test pressings for my forthcoming 12″ on Savage Quality Records. Actual pressing has commenced, and they’ll be available soon.
Catalog Number: SQ-008 (download version and some physical copies will simultaneously be GLAC-33, because vinyl.)
Tracks A1-B3 written in Cleveland Ohio, and portions of B1 in LaGrange Indiana at the AHMW synth gathering.
Recorded & Mixed January-July 2014 in Cleveland Ohio
Vinyl Mastered & Cut by MJR at Prairie Cat Mastering in Belvedere Illinois
Record pressing by Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland Ohio
Physical sales will be handled by various distributors and retailers, as well as direct from Savage Quality and Glacial Communications.
Download version will be handled via Glacial Communications. It will have a few bonus tracks 🙂

New Beat Compilation

After a recent New Beat-heavy DJ set at the inaugural IN TRAINING event, I’ve taken an even deeper dive into one of my favorite subgenres of dance music. So much that in the last week or so, the notion of putting out a compilation of modern takes on Belgium’s chief export from 1987-1989 crept into my head.

Yesterday, on social media, I broached the topic, with requisite plausible deniability:
“Anyone want to submit tracks for a faux New Beat compilation? Asking for a friend.”

The response was better than expected. Folks wanted to do it. It’s on.

Here are the rules/specifics:
1) It should sound like Belgian New Beat. Consult this video or this mixtape if you’re not sure what I’m talking about.

2) Deadline? It would be amazing to have this as an online/maybe-limited-CDR companion piece to my impending 12″(more on that soon), but that might be cutting things close- tracks would have to be to me by November 1st. We’ll start with that and go from there if it slips. Maybe there will be a Volume II if submissions keep coming in. Also, the deadline is almost three weeks away- Morton Sherman and Bellucci would have made a dozen tracks in that much time- I think folks can manage one…
UPDATE: Deadline extended to November 8th.

3) Like any good New Beat release, pseudonyms outside of your usual moniker are highly suggested, but not required.

4) Technical details: submissions should be a link to something hosted elsewhere (dropbox, google drive, whatever), and should be in WAV format(44kHz/16 bit is fine, better is better). Aim for a -3 dB peak, so I can do some minor mastering stuff to keep all the tracks consistent. Send submissions to glacialcommunications@gmail.com.

5) Legalese: You retain all IP rights to your track submissions, and I’m not really intending to make any money from this- it’ll probably be free on Bandcamp and a nominal charge if I do a small run of CDRs.

As you can see, the Fantasy Commandos are already working on their track:


It begins. #NewBeat #Belgium #compilation

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A new series and sublabel

Alright, time to announce some more new things- a recurring series of EPs known as Glacial Trax, and a sublabel called neoelectro.org.

Glacial Trax – After releasing the Glacial Trax EP from Greenlander last week, I kind of had the idea to turn the concept into a recurring (monthly?) series of downloadable EPs. I’m still thinking through some aspects (will all track titles be strictly anonymous and incrementing from the first in the series? How many will there be total? etc.), but it’s going to happen. EPs will have somewhere between 2 and 5 tracks, should generally be of a dancefloor-oriented nature, and kind of fit in with the Glacial Communications aesthetic, whatever that is. Get in touch if you’re interested.

neoelectro.org – I registered this domain several years ago with the intention of it being some kind of community-based netlabel for the Northeast Ohio area. It never quite got off the ground, and eventually was overtaken by spammers, so I killed it. A month or so ago I got the notion to reactivate it as an Electro sub-label to Glacial Communications. As of right now, the URL is still pointing at the GC bandcamp page, but whenever something is released, that will be fixed… I’m looking for stuff to put out on it, so again, get in touch if you’re interested.

January->July combo update

It’s been a crazy few months. Since the last post, I’ve done the following:

Next up is a DJ set at Duck Island on July 21st, and a three-hour “Dance Party” (whatever that entails) at Voice of the Valley VI in West Virginia.