Details of the Future! Or at least, 2010!

Some news of a “we are sort of a record label, aren’t we?” type:

1. I’m selling a number of copies of GLAC-18 via the ‘Shop‘ link. A mere $5 plus shipping, and I’ll try to throw in a special ‘extra’ or two.

2. In 2010, I’m going to make a concerted effort to put out at least one release per month. Now, ‘release’ may be as small as a  two track ‘single’, or an entire album. It may also consist of new things, or old stuff dug out from the vault, or something in-between. There’s even some chance I’ll release some stuff by other folks or collaborations, provided that such things happen (Interested? Get in touch…). Most of these will probably be free downloads, but there may be some further experimentation with that Shop page,  and perhaps physical releases as well. But yeah, one release a month. Probably towards the end of the month. But if you’re in need of sounds RIGHT THIS SECOND, you might find some fun stuff on my SoundCloud page. I’ve been putting up a few experiments with the modular and some other gear.

3. My vague plans at the moment also include taking a ‘sabbatical’ from building gear in February in order to have time to record for the RPM Challenge, so obviously I’ll be soldering and building like a maniac through January 31st, so that I’ll have the gear I’d like to use for it. My plan for the RPM Challenge album will be “DIY Volume II”, with an as-yet unknown subtitle.

That’s it for now!

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