December News, Part II

In addition to everything in the previous post-
  • I’ll be opening for my good friends Missile Command at the Symposium on December 22nd. Eprom Colony from Detroit will be on the bill as well.
  • Advance notice: I’m curating the monthly Noise Lunch on April 7th, 2013. The theme is “Noisy Techno”, or whatever the kids are calling it these days (Technoise?, Post-Techno?) Response to an informal call for participants has been amazing- I might have to do this as a multi-part event or something…
  • Recording is continuing- it looks like whatever it is  may become two separate releases. When they’re done, they’re done- it may take a few months. You can probably get some sneak previews at the two upcoming shows.
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  1. tom Narolski says:

    Looking for a CD copy of a “Press The Button”
    show (WRUW-FM) you did June, 2006. It had
    morning birds singing on a bed of a numbers
    station (Conet Project). Would appreciate
    your help.

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