We’re finally ready to release the new full-length glacial23 album, Dipole. Ten tracks of techno and electronics that have been in the works since late 2012.

Check it:

Also, here are some upcoming appearances in the Cleveland area:

  • August 28th- I’ll be playing at The Foundry as a duo with Craig Chojnicki (of 9 Volt Haunted House) on a bill with Greg Rasp, Ensemble Economique (from LA), BCBG, and Opale (both from Paris)- more details available here
  • September 16th – We will be having a Glacial Communications night at the Duck Island Club! I’ll be DJing along with my special guest Android (from the band Missile Command), and there will be a live performance from Greg Rasp. Drink and merch specials abound!
  • November 3rd- The next installment of the Noisy Techno Noise Lunch will be happening at Now That’s Class. More details will be posted soon.
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