A new series and sublabel

Alright, time to announce some more new things- a recurring series of EPs known as Glacial Trax, and a sublabel called neoelectro.org.

Glacial Trax – After releasing the Glacial Trax EP from Greenlander last week, I kind of had the idea to turn the concept into a recurring (monthly?) series of downloadable EPs. I’m still thinking through some aspects (will all track titles be strictly anonymous and incrementing from the first in the series? How many will there be total? etc.), but it’s going to happen. EPs will have somewhere between 2 and 5 tracks, should generally be of a dancefloor-oriented nature, and kind of fit in with the Glacial Communications aesthetic, whatever that is. Get in touch if you’re interested.

neoelectro.org – I registered this domain several years ago with the intention of it being some kind of community-based netlabel for the Northeast Ohio area. It never quite got off the ground, and eventually was overtaken by spammers, so I killed it. A month or so ago I got the notion to reactivate it as an Electro sub-label to Glacial Communications. As of right now, the URL is still pointing at the GC bandcamp page, but whenever something is released, that will be fixed… I’m looking for stuff to put out on it, so again, get in touch if you’re interested.

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