Looking for demos and having a Garage Sale

Still working on this synthpop-ish C20, but once it’s done, I’d like to put out a couple of short run split C30s (maybe 25 copies each at most) early next year. Anyone down to put out 15 minutes of “danceable” electronic music? If you’re interested, send an email with a link to a demo to glacialcommunications@gmail.com or hit up my SoundCloud dropbox. If we like what we hear, we’ll let you know. I’m pretty sure I know who one of the acts is going to be already (it’s a new project that hasn’t recorded or released anything yet).

Those two short run splits are going to be followed by another, bigger pro-duped split C20 or C30. More details on that closer to release-time.

Also, I seem to have a bit of extraneous gear that I’m not using, so in order to clear some of it out, I present The First Periodic Glacial Communications Garage Sale. Here’s the first round of deals:

  • Alesis MMT-8 MIDI Sequencer. Includes manual. $30SOLD
  • Boss DR-202 Drum Machine/Sequencer. I think I have a printed manual somewhere. $60ON HOLD
  • Kawai R-50 Drum Machine- just got it as part of a package deal and don’t really need it. No manual. $25SOLD
  • Danelectro Distortion pedal-never used, still in the box. $10
  • Danelectro Metal Distortion pedal-never used, still in the box. $10
  • Alesis Metavox Vocoder. Includes manual. $50
  • JVC belt-drive turntable. Sometimes plays a little weird. $20
  • (Sears?) belt-drive turntable. I never really used it. $20

Nothing includes a power adapter. If you really want me to provide one, I probably can for extra money.
All prices are pretty negotiable, and interesting trades will be considered. I’d prefer Cleveland-area pickups/meetups at shows, but if you want something shipped, we’ll work out some sort of arrangement.

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