1- It was brought to my attention that the levels on Acetic were somewhat inconsistent. In my rush to get it out the door by 3/03, the mastering was for lack of a better term, minimal. I’ve taken a couple of evenings to do the best that I can to straighten that out. The corrected versions have been uploaded to Bandcamp, so go ahead and give it a new listen.

If you’re one of the people affected by this, I will correct this by sending a new download code for those who have purchased the download, and replacement CD-Rs upon request. Luckily, I’ve only duped about ten physical copies so far and only distributed a few, so it’s not a huge loss/remediation effort.

2- Since people (radio DJ’s in particular) are always after me about including tracklistings with albums, I have broken down and purchased a laser printer. Physical copies of Acetic will now contain a fancy cardstock printout with the full tracklist for both discs, and a download code (if you bought it via Bandcamp and have the download already, just give the code to a friend or something).

On the positive side, this seems to be the biggest launch of a release so far- the Bandcamp hits and plays are the highest in a one-week period that I’ve seen since starting to use the service. I’ve also enabled per-track purchases on the album, so if there’s just one song that knocks your socks off, it’s yours for a mere fifty cents.

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